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Cracker Barrel server landed a record deal after TikTok video went viral [Video]



  • Miranda Joy Willmore, working as a server at the Cracker Barrel in Marion, Illinois for 20 years, is a singer of a band named U-Foria.
  • Miranda usually sings Happy Birthday at the restaurant whenever there’s a celebrant.
  • A recent video of her incredible rendition of Happy Birthday that went viral on TikTok paved the way for her band for a financed album recording!

Meet the newest singing sensation online, Miranda Joy Willmore.

Miranda has been working at the Cracker Barrel in Marion, Illinois for nearly 20 years. Besides her job, she has also been in a rock band for about four years.

“The servers know that I can sing, so if they have a birthday, they ask me to sing for their table,” she said, adding that she’s happy to comply “just to make their day special.”

Recently, her incredible rendition of Happy Birthday went viral as Jared Gravatt, the customer she was belting out the song to, shared a video of the impressive performance on TikTok.

“Find this girl and make her famous please,” he wrote. “Best birthday song ever!”


Tiktok find this girl and make her famous please. Best birthday song ever!! ???? #fy #fyp #crackerbarrel ♬ original sound – Jared Gravatt

True enough, her voice earned national attention!

On TODAY’s Wednesday episode, Hoda and Jenna featured Miranda, pretending that she was called on the show to sing a birthday song to one of their TODAY’s colleagues. Little did Miranda know that she was there for a big surprise!

When Hoda and Jenna revealed the good news — that Cracker Barrel is sending her and her band, U-Foria, to Nashville to record an album — Miranda was so stunned, responding with tears on her face.

Photo Credit: TODAY

“That’s so awesome,” she said.

Miranda and her band, U-Foria, had been touring throughout the US and working toward the goal of an EP, but they hadn’t been signed yet. In late July, they will start the studio recording of an EP, which will be financed by Cracker Barrel.


Music has been a big part of Miranda’s life. Her father, who was also a singer before he was diagnosed with throat cancer, is her greatest inspiration and number 1 fan. Miranda also takes inspiration from musical icons like Reba McEntire, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Shania Twain.

During the TODAY episode with Miranda and a bandmate, U-Foria’s original song “Small Town Famous” was played in a mini performance, leaving Hoda and Jenna, and the viewers, in awe of Miranda’s voice.

We totally understand why Jenna said “we want more!”

Source: TODAY