Crowd Gathers To Take Pictures Of Chocolate Labs In Reindeer Costumes [Video]

chocolate labs in reindeer costumes draw crowd

  • Ollie the Chocolate Lab has been doing a special activity for every day of December.
  • On the 20th day, he went on a trip to London with his friend Hector.
  • When they posed for photos while wearing reindeer hats, a crowd gathered to take pictures of them!

Remember Ollie the Chocolate Lab? We’ve watched him pack his own backpack and bake dog-friendly treats before, thanks to his activity jar. So naturally, we were curious about what he was up to during the holidays.

Photo Credit: Facebook/good.boy.ollie1

Every weekend, the adorable pup gets to pick an activity from his fun-filled jar.

This holiday season, his jar was upgraded to an Advent calendar — he gets to do an activity for every day of December!

Photo Credit: Instagram/good.boy.ollie

On the 20th day of December, Ollie’s activity was a trip to London.

To keep him company, Ollie invited his good friend Hector. The two good pals took the train, basked in the city sights, went shopping, and dressed up in reindeer costumes to take some Christmas-themed photos.

Some passersby loved their costumes so much that they stopped to take pictures, too. It wasn’t long before the two costumed pups drew a large crowd of fans who can’t wait to take their photos!

Ollie and Hector are so well-behaved that they can sit still and pose for photos for everyone. We certainly wouldn’t be able to pass up the opportunity were we to encounter such adorable pups.

Passersby and social media users who saw the footage loved their “iconic” hats.

The chocolate labs also appeared to be perfect stand-ins for Santa’s reindeer. It seems that the only thing missing is Rudolph’s bright red nose.

Photo Credit: Instagram/good.boy.ollie

One viewer, @yourdarkacademic, suggested, “Ollie in London should be a children’s book.”

That would be a wonderfully festive book! Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without Ollie and Hector’s holiday-themed photos.

Their photos seem like they would be perfect for a magazine!

Those are some professional-looking photos. Ollie and Hector are not just the handsomest models, they’re also the goodest boys!

We would have definitely been part of that crowd if we had been there.

You can check out the famous Ollie on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Source: Pet Helpful

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