Cuddly Cat Loves Snuggling with Mom Before She Leaves for Work [Video]

  • Dana rescued Ivan when he was just a stray kitten.
  • They immediately bonded after she cared for him at home, and Ivan became part of her family.
  • Since then, Ivan would snuggle up with Dana whenever he can, and even sneak in a kiss.

When people talk about cats, cuddly isn’t the first adjective to come to mind. Even most cat parents would agree that cats are not known to be affectionate at all times. But Ivan the Chunk is one of the exceptions.

Cuddly cat loves snuggling with mom before she leaves for work
Photo Credit: TikTok/ivan_the_chunk

Ivan loves snuggling up to his mom Dana whenever he can. He is one cuddly cat!

Dana also makes sure to set aside as much snuggle time as she can before she leaves home for her work with Canada Post.

Dana said that she and Ivan met nine years ago when she was walking her dogs. A gray feral kitten suddenly darted out from the bushes and got bumped over by a slow-moving car. Dana made sure to check on the tiny kitten, took him to the vet, and cared for him while waiting for a potential adopter. Within a few hours, the pair bonded. Dana couldn’t give him up anymore, so she fully welcomed Ivan into her home.

Ivan is clearly grateful for being rescued, and the video leaves no doubt that he loves his mama. He even keeps trying to sneak in a kiss!

Photo Credit: TikTok/ivan_the_chunk

With hugs and kisses like these, how could one ever leave him for work?

But Dana has to. Someone has to pay for food, treats, and toys, and Ivan is not the only furry baby in Dana’s home.

Still, viewers wistfully talked about retirement so that Dana can spend longer cuddling times with Ivan. She may consider doing that, if Ivan starts paying the bills through his social media presence!

Cuddly cat loves snuggling with mom before she leaves for work
Photo Credit: TikTok/ivan_the_chunk

It turns out that Ivan’s love inspires not only Dana but the rest of the TikTok community. Some viewers said that watching Ivan is all they need to get through the day.

Viewers were also quick to point out that Ivan seemed like a kindred spirit that was destined to meet Dana. What a lovely bond!

You can see more of this cuddly cat on TikTok.

Source: Pet Helpful

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