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Curious kitten tries to catch sunbeam the first time she sees it



  • A six-week-old kitten was exploring her foster mom’s home.
  • It was when she saw a sunbeam for the first time.
  • She sniffed the glowing spot spread across the floor and tried to catch it with her little paws.

This fluffy foster kitten is only six weeks old and is still learning about the world. And, while the process can be challenging at times, she’s already realizing that there are many bright spots along the way.


The kitten was exploring the house she lives with her foster mother, Yige, the other day when she noticed something strange. There was a mysterious glowing rectangle spread across the carpet and floor, a bizarre sight the curious kitty was certain hadn’t been there before.


Nonetheless, she bravely approached the strange spot, sniffing it before feebly trying to catch it with her little paws.

This, it turns out, was the kitten’s first encounter with a sunbeam.

She was unable to grasp the sunbeam in the end, but the warmth it provided on her fur may have convinced her that it was a great spot for a snooze.


One of the simple joys of being a foster parent to needy young cats is watching kittens discover the world — and one foster mom can’t suggest it enough: 

“Do yourself a favor and foster some kittens,” wrote Yige. “They will provide you with a guaranteed dose of serotonin every single day.”

Source: The Dodo