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Customer’s Kind Deed Results In Ripple Effect From Others Who Support Protesters



  • As protesters marched the streets to support the #blacklivesmatter movement, many people showed their assistance in unique ways.
  • Just like what Brian did when he bought gift cards at the Dulcet Cafe & Bakery in Trinity Groves that any protester can use to have a free drink.
  • Seeing his kind deed, many people were encouraged to show support in their own ways as well.

The protesters occupied the streets of Dallas, Texas, over the weekend to show support in the movement Black Lives Matter. 

While not everyone is able to join in the fight, many people have found ways to support the cause in their unique gestures. Just like how one customer at the Dulcet Cafe & Bakery in Trinity Groves whose good deed has sparked a series of kindness among others.

Photo Credit: Dulcet Cafe & Bakery (Facebook)

On June 7, a patron named Brian came into the cafe to order a gift card intended for protesters who may need a drink so they can just come inside and have one. 

“I don’t think he realized that he was going to start this chain where everyone for like the next seven hours would be getting something free,” Grey Sharpe, a cafe employee said.

Photo Credit: @dulcetcafetx (Instagram)

After seeing what he’s done, other customers were quick to chip in what they could. Some bought food for the homeless while others paid for orders of protesters behind them. Around 50 individuals joined in this chain of kind acts and they have donated hundreds of dollars to help strangers.

“We’ve been focusing on, maybe a little bit, on how horrible everything has been, and it’s nice to remember that, yes, for every horrible person there’s a lot of good,” Grey said. “When everyone does things like that, you do move mountains.”

That was such a powerful way of how a community comes together to help and support each other during difficult times! While these acts are relatively small, kindness of any form is always meaningful! Let us keep this spirit of oneness as we fight the injustices in this world.

Source: Inspire More