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Dachshund’s Adorable Sitting Technique on Owner Goes Viral



Quick Smiles:

  • Dachshund’s unique sitting method goes viral with 19M views
  • Dog sits on owner for hours, capturing hearts online
  • Dachshund’s adorable behavior shows their “denning” instincts

Move over, clingy partners! This dachshund has taken the meaning of “clingy” to a whole new level.

In a viral TikTok video, user @aubreynicole2304 from Hawaii showcased her dachshund’s unique sitting style that has captured the hearts of millions.

Once this furry friend gets into position, he will sit like that for hours. Talk about dedication!

The video, which has been viewed over 19.4 million times since its posting on November 2, shows the dachshund snuggled up under his owner’s sweatshirt. He looks like a human baby strapped to his mom, cozy and content. It’s no wonder this adorable clip quickly went viral and garnered over 1.9 million likes and 14,900 comments.

Dachshund owners can relate to this behavior. One viewer commented, “I have 2 of them! They really think they are human!” Another shared, “My dachshund does this but then he tries to escape through my sleeve.” It seems like these little pups have a knack for finding comfort in the most unexpected places.

So, why do dachshunds have this peculiar habit? According to the National Canine Research Association of America (NCRAOA), dachshunds are “denning” animals. They were originally bred to hunt animals that live in burrows, and this behavior has stuck with them. Burrowing in blankets or pillows is their way of feeling safe and secure.

If you’re a dachshund owner, the NCRAOA advises against trying to stop your furry friend from burrowing. It’s a natural instinct deeply rooted in their breed’s history. However, keep an eye out for any signs of concern. If your dog seems depressed, anxious, or possessive of their dens, it may be worth consulting with your veterinarian.


This dachshund’s adorable sitting style has not only brought smiles to millions of faces but also shed light on the unique behaviors of these lovable dogs. Next time you see a dachshund burrow into a cozy spot, remember their denning instincts at play.