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Dad Drives For 17 Hours Round Trip To Spend 30 Minutes With Daughter During Her Birthday!



  • Julio Cesar Segura drove across Texas for more than 1,000 miles back and forth between El Paso and Austin, Texas.
  • He did so to spend 30 minutes with his daughter during her birthday.
  • Diana on the other hand thought her dad only ordered her some food to be delivered by Uber Eats, she was shocked to see her dad instead.

Julio Cesar Segura, a 53-year-old dad, loves his daughter so much it didn’t matter how far and long he had to travel just to spend a little time with her on her birthday. 

On May 8, Julio spent 17 hours driving more than 1,000 miles back and forth between El Paso and Austin, Texas. He then spent 30 minutes for his daughter, Diana Segura Lerma’s 19th birthday while still observing social distancing.

Photo Credit: Diana Segura Lerma

“He told me that since he couldn’t do much he wanted to know what I’d like for lunch and he would send an Uber Eats order,” Diana said. “So I texted him what I wanted—the chicken fillet sandwich with pepperjack cheese, buffalo sauce and mayonnaise.”

Her dad pretended he would only order her food and have it delivered. Little did she know he would come all the way to bring it to her.

“He brings me that sandwich for lunch on my birthday every year—so far, he hasn’t missed a year,” she added.

Julio left early to surprise her daughter. “I left my house at 4:15am. I was missing her and I wanted to give her a surprise,” he said. “I decided to go the day before. I love her and I wanted to make sure she had a good birthday.”

Diana on the other hand expected to see the food delivery driver when she opened the door of her apartment, but she was shocked to see her father instead bringing the food complete with balloons and a sign that says happy birthday.

Photo Credit: Diana Segura Lerma

“He showed up with the food and a poster board and balloons,” recalled Lerma. “I was so excited. I haven’t seen him in months, since winter break. I didn’t think that I would see him again until August.

“He has always been someone who loves gestures, but I never imagined he would do this in a pandemic.”

They then both enjoyed their meal while sitting six feet away complying with the social distancing guidelines. After half an hour, Julio got in his car and drove back home.

Now that is absolutely sweet!


Source: Good News Network