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Dad hilariously frustrated over his little girl’s passionate singing using made-up lyrics [Video]



  • The Kabs family has a strong following on social media because of their relatable, entertaining and funny videos.
  • Their latest hit was a humorous father-daughter clip showing how little Maliya was passionately singing using blabbered words.
  • The little girl did not even mind his dad correcting her that she’s got all the lyrics wrong, and just confidently pressed on!

How come this little girl perfectly knows the lyrics of these songs?

Well, that was a first thought, as she was brimming with confidence, but a closer look would tell that she was only botching the words!

The Kabs Family posted a charming video of a little girl singing like she was in a total stage performance, with so much poise and grace as she even danced to the songs.

The video featured Tay and Maliya, the cutest father-daughter bonding you could ever see, who were sitting in a parked car and listening to some music.

Maliya was seen singing along to “Candy Girl” by New Edition. Her lyrics seemed perfectly fine at first, until daddy’s face hinted otherwise.

Photo Credit: Kabs Family/Facebook

Tay was enjoying it and hilariously bothered at the same time. Listening to his daughter performing like a pro, Tay gave the camera a long-suffering look and told Maliya, “You’re getting the lyrics wrong.”

The dad even attempted to correct her and uttered the actual lyrics so she could follow — but to no use, the little singer has her own version! Maliya remained unbothered and just continued to sing, not minding what her dad just told her.

Seemingly carried away by her all-out performance, Maliya even stood up on the seat and owned her “car stage.” Her daddy was looking amusingly helpless at the sight of his daughter.


That sight could have lasted longer, with Maliya looking like she wouldn’t mind just singing forever. But she sure knew when to stop.

Photo Credit: Kabs Family/Facebook

When Maliya snatched her dad’s phone from his hand, it apparently signaled Tay that he had enough. He then turned off the music, but his persistent daughter just pressed on and did an acapella song.

Little Maliya only stopped when her dad asked her for his phone. Never wanting to stop, Maliya finally gave in and just released a deep breath as if she hadn’t had enough yet!

With their large following across social media pages, the Kabs, who live in the UK, has surely once again captured the social media world with this another funny and entertaining video — thanks to their cutest little Maliya!

Photo Credit: Kabs Family/Facebook

Source: Inspire More