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Dad Teaches 6-Month-Old Son How To Do Push-Ups And The Results Are Just Adorable [Video]



  • Charlie Todd’s 6-month-old baby is already on his way to follow his dad’s footsteps in becoming a physical fitness enthusiast.
  • Charlie, who is a fitness coach in his personal training company, teaches his son how to do push-up exercises.
  • The video clip showing the little boy keeping up with his father was uploaded on social media and as expected, people love it!

The secret to successful workout sessions is finding a workout buddy. 

Charlie Todd is co-owner in a personal training company. He is a fitness coach in Greenwood, Indiana. This love of his for physical exercise, pushing physical limits must run in their family. His son, Landon is already on his way to follow his footsteps!

“Around four months [old], we tried to get him crawling, and then he started lifting up fully off the ground,” Charlie explained. 

He saw this and thought about how close the movement was to a push-up. Obviously, this is something he could share with his son, so he pushed the toddler to do just a bit more.

Charlie posted a video the day his son turned six months old. In this video, he and his son were on their “tummy time” and he wanted to do six push-ups together with his son. Landon is getting good at it too. The little boy really gives it his all, but that is not even the cutest part. Landon lets out the cutest little laugh and it is the sweetest sound ever!

The video clip was uploaded on social media. Clearly, Charlie could not help but share to the whole world this bonding activity with his son.

Photo Credit: @thebandman16 (Instagram)

“He goes to my fitness class too, and he sees other people doing [push-ups] so maybe that’s it,” Charlie said.

Landon tries to keep up with Charlie, and watching this little guy is warming hearts all over the world. This does not end with just the push ups either. Landon is practicing some other fitness moves too!

“He always surprises me,” Charlie added. “He’s a friendly dude. He’s real outgoing — always smiling.”

Training oneself to develop healthy habits this early on is just good sense. For now, this “gym” time between them doubles their bonding time, but surely, this would serve the child well in the future. 


Source: Inspire More