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Daughter’s tweet about dad’s dream to work at Costco reaches CEO — and now he is hired!



  • Rebecca Mix randomly tweeted about the dream job of her dad, Jeff.
  • Jeff was laid off when pandemic hit the world, but his ambition was not to retire yet, but to work at Costco.
  • The tweet reached the company’s CEO, and after the application process, Jeff was hired!

Rebecca Mix was not expecting her random tweet about her dad would turn his life around.

Rebecca’s 58-year-old dad, Jeff, was laid off from his previous job due to the cutbacks caused by the coronavirus pandemic. With his age, it was extra challenging to find another job, especially with the world’s situation now.

But Jeff was not ready to retire just yet, especially determined to land a new gig. So, his daughter came to rescue.

Rebecca promised her dad to help him update his resumé. She also posted a few humorous tweets about her dad’s ambition to work at Costco — seemingly just for a little helping hand, and more for fun.

Little did she know that, at the backstage, the Twitterverse had led her post right to Costco CEO Craig Jelinek’s attention, who had contacted several store managers close to Jeff’s home in Michigan!

Photo Credit: Rebecca Mix/Twitter

As she was not really minding that the tweet would give some huge cosmic surprise, Rebecca forgot about it until someone reached out to her with some good news!

Photo Credit: Rebecca Mix/Twitter

“I called my dad, who didn’t answer, texted him a screenshot, and called him again. As someone who only FaceTimes by accident, he didn’t really understand why I was freaking out,” Rebecca recalled in a piece for The Guardian. “The sheer ridiculousness of a random tweet making it to the desk of the Costco chief executive mostly escaped him.”

Jeff was called for a job interview, in which the puzzling Twitter story was never brought up. And this made him even more cautious about the result and unsure if he was going to be hired.

Not so long after, after his second interview, Jeff had finally signed up with his dream company! Showing his gratitude to his daughter, he sent a photo of his brand-new employee badge to her.


Jeff was so happy with his new job, which is pretty much the work he’d been hoping for.

“The past year has not been a kind one to my family,” Rebecca wrote. “Like many, we didn’t emerge from the pandemic without the loss of loved ones. It’s a gift to have this odd, wonderful, weird spark of joy amid a time of grief and chaos.”

Rebecca also shared that in his dad’s new work, Jeff is now popular as the “Twitter guy.”

Source: Good News Network