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Deformed Kitten Looking For Forever Home



  • Pinocchio needed medical attention and procedures for umbilical hernia and sternum placement.
  • He needs special treatment and a family that would care for and love him just as he is.
  • Pinocchio is not too different from regular cats — he is outgoing and is quick to befriend everyone around him.

Pinocchio has cranial deformities that affected the development of the head and facial features. His jaws are misaligned. This causes teeth to be out of normal orientation with each other, making feeding more difficult. Pinocchio could only eat wet food.

 “He was very, very sweet upon first meetings,” Jacqueline Santiago, owner of Friends for Life Rescue Network, told The Dodo. “[He] purred right away.”

Pinnochio needed medical attention and procedures for umbilical hernia and sternum placement.  Luckily, the rescue network is equipped to handle these special cases. Friends for Life Rescue Network provides services including those from veterinarians.

Pinocchio befriends everyone around him. The volunteers from the animal shelter described him as outgoing, excited to meet every human and animal he encounters.

 “Pinocchio isn’t the shy type,” Jacqueline said. “He’s extremely confident and greets everyone almost immediately.” 

“He runs up to anyone who enters the room and climbs up to their shoulder to perch,” she added. “He rubs on you, loves to play and bounces around. He’s a really happy guy who loves everyone — other people, other cats and dogs.”

Pinocchio interests the people around him. The people in charge of his treatments developed attachments towards the animal, especially because he refuses to stop smiling no matter what. For the people around him, the animal is inspiring. They even made him a Superman wrap to protect his stitches, with a matching red cape.

His condition has improved. However, there remain medical problems to address before he is cleared for adoption.

“During treatment, we don’t accept any apps or inquiries as we don’t yet have the full scope of what his later needs will be,” Jacqueline said. “We know what his needs are now, but as he grows and changes, those could change as well.”

Someday, when he is cleared for adoption, he will be needing support from people who would love him. There are online fundraising activities to help support Pinocchio’s medical treatment. You can make a donation to Friends for Life Rescue Network.

Source: The Dodo