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Despite Family’s Struggles, Boy Returns Wallet Found And In Return, Community Rallies To Help Them [Video]



  • Vince, 11, found a wallet in the park and decided to return it to the owner without hesitation.
  • The wallet belonged to Chase, 17, whose family wanted to do more for Vince’s honesty.
  • After learning of their struggles, they set up a GoFundMe page and earned more than $7,500 for the family!

Doing the right thing is always the easiest option to do — and Vince Hietpas, an 11-year-old boy from Green Bay, Wisconsin, knows that very well. 

On Memorial Day, Vince and his dad Lorenzo were taking a stroll in Voyageur Park when the boy found a wallet that somebody must’ve dropped on the ground. The boy quickly picked it up and checked the driver’s license to know who the owner was. Then and there, he and his dad rushed to the address on the ID in order to return it to its owner. 

Photo Credit: Michelle Dahlke

The wallet belongs to Chase Dahlke, a 17-year-old high school student, who had misplaced the wallet when he went fishing and had given up on finding it.

Vince showed up at Dahlke’s front door and explained to Chase’s dad through the Ring doorbell camera about the wallet he intended to return. Jason, Chase’s father, was “kind of in shock that somebody could do a nice gesture like this.”

He retrieved the wallet and wanted to offer the kid some reward but what he had at the moment was only $2 in his wallet. 

Photo Credit: Michelle Dahlke

Of course, the reward doesn’t really matter to Vince! “We got $2 and I was happy,” he said. But that just won’t do for Chase’s stepmom, Michelle, and she wanted to do more for the honest kid!

“Who knows this kid?” she posted on Facebook. “We want to reward him! So thankful for him and his dad. There is so much hate in this world and so much negativity. It’s time to focus on the positive.”

Not long after, the community got the two families reconnected and that’s when they learned how impressive Vince and his family is. 

Lorenzo was a staff at a meatpacking plant but unfortunately, he contracted COVID-19. Although he has mostly recovered, it was still difficult for him to breathe with ease while using the PPE required at work. In recent months, he had been doing odd jobs so they could survive in the middle of this coronavirus crisis. 

Learning about that, Michelle decided to launch a GoFundMe page for them and ask his friends on Facebook to donate. 


“This family still gave the wallet back even though they have nothing!” she wrote. “This family could use some love and support from us.”

And support is what exactly the community gave them! The campaign has raised more than $9,000 donation, as of this writing. That’s way more than the $3,000 target.

What a lovely way to remind people that in a community, nobody should be left behind!

Source: Inspire More