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Devoted Dog’s Special Care for Chronically Ill Owner Tugs at Internet’s Heartstrings



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  • A viral TikTok video featuring Salem, a 5-year-old Doberman crossbreed assisting his chronically ill owner, has melted hearts across the internet.
  • Despite not being a registered service dog, Salem shows incredible dedication and skill, retrieving items for his owner on command.
  • The video has received over 9,000 likes and hundreds of comments praising Salem’s devotion and attention to detail.

A furry four-legged friend is turning heads and melting hearts across the internet for his dedicated care to his chronically ill owner.

A viral video capturing the moment was shared on TikTok by @SeriouslySalem, featuring the five-year-old Doberman crossbreed named Salem, who has turned out to be more than just a pet but a lifeline for his owner.


Salem is a dog who craves having a job to do. He loves doing tasks on my bad days. (I have multiple chronic illnesses. I trained salem to help me on those really bad days when i need the extra help) ♬ original sound – SiriuslySalem

The video kicks off with Salem’s owner stating, “Everyone loves when Salem is zooming through my house to do tasks for me. This is just going to be a video of him zooming to get stuff.”

And boy, did he zoom!

The footage shows Salem eagerly waiting for his commands, with his ears pricked back, ready to spring into action.


The internet watched in awe as Salem responded to his owner’s request to “get the remote.”

Sprinting to the other side of the couch, Salem retrieves the remote and proudly presents it to his owner.

The obedient pup is shown throughout the clip, retrieving various items for his owner in a flash, truly living up to the caption: “Salem is a dog who craves having a job to do. He loves doing tasks on my bad days.”

Despite not being a registered service dog, Salem demonstrates an impressive devotion and skill that is reminiscent of one.

Service dogs, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, are dogs trained to perform tasks or work directly related to their handler’s disability.

But Salem’s owner assured viewers that this remarkable Doberman is just a well-trained and dedicated pet.


The video has received a flurry of positive comments, with one user writing: “I love that his ears stood at attention when you said ‘ready.’”

Another fan chimed in with, “He’s on a MISSION.”

A different user dubbed Salem the “Employee of the month.”

Garnering over 9,000 likes, it’s clear that Salem’s steadfast loyalty and dedication have touched the hearts of many across the internet.