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Disabled Hyena Learns To Walk On Two Front Legs [Video]



  • A hyena at the Timbavati Game Reserve in South Africa has been observed to have lost the use of two of his legs.
  • Nature photographer Cathan Moore noticed that the hyena has taught itself to use its remaining two legs to reach long distances in search of food.
  • The hyena’s resilience has taught the photographer to persevere even against odds.

In all the years that Nature photographer Cathan Moore has been with wild animals, there is one hyena that has captured his heart and respect.

Hyenas have been getting bad reps but this animal is really misunderstood.  For one, they are not the villains that they are portrayed to be.  In fact, as Moore said in his Instagram post, “The more time I get to spend with this hyena, the more I am in awe of his incredible character.”

The hyena he is talking about has lost the use of its front legs but is getting along really well in the wilds.  It has taught itself to walk on its two legs, travel great distances and still be very confident when it is with his clan.  Moore relays, “It really doesn’t stop him from being dominant.”

Photo Credit: Cathan Moore

When he first noticed the hyena’s mobility issue he said, “Naturally, you feel intense remorse, you feel sad. But if you think about it more, you start to realize that he’s a success, and you start to feel really proud of the situation and of all of nature and its resilience.”

Moore has nicknamed the hyena, Two-Wheel-Drive. 

Photo Credit: Cathan Moore

Just recently, he observed that the hyena has occasionally been using his back legs, indicating that the injury it has sustained is healing and it might be recovering its mobility.

Two-Wheel-Drive has taught Moore that he can handle any roadblock and will persevere to survive.

Source: The Dodo