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Doctors Who Just Got Married Stopped On The Way To Reception To Help Stranger In A Road Accident [Video]



  • John and Sarah had their beach wedding in Krabi, Thailand, and were on their way to the reception when they saw an accident on the road.
  • Both doctors, the couple did not hesitate to postpone their plans momentarily and help the stranger who had broken knees and injured neck.
  • Their compassion to help other people regardless of time, place, race and circumstance is just so touching!

John and Sarah just tied the knot and it was quite an incredible start for their married life!

On February 17, the couple had their beautiful beach wedding in Krabi, Thailand, and were about to have the reception elsewhere when they passed by an accident on the road.

The couple told the driver to halt! As it turned out, a 21-year-old motorcyclist named Cholatee Muengkerd slammed into a truck, broke his leg and injured his neck. Luckily, the couple is not just passionate lovers but compassionate doctors too—still on their wedding gown and suit, they immediately rushed to help the man in need.

Sarah directed the traffic before aiding her husband administering first aid to Cholatee to make sure his head is kept in a steady position until an ambulance came 20 minutes later to bring him to the nearest hospital.

Nok Rungrueng, one of the first to respond, said Cholatee would have gotten more injury should the couple never intervened. 

“We received the emergency call as normal but when we arrived the foreign couple were there helping the injured rider. They treated the victim and made the scene of the accident safe,” he said. ”They have good hearts and we thank them for their help.”

The couple has genuinely good hearts and can be called true healers. Their selfless and heroic act and their sense of urgency are what made a huge difference in a situation that may cost the life of a person.

They have set aside their personal plans to prioritize a stranger who needed their help keeping it true to the oath that they have taken in their professions. Their compassion to help other people regardless of time, place, race and circumstance is just so amazing!

They have gained our utmost respect! Salute! And congratulations to the newlyweds!

Source: Inspire More