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Dog Charms Internet by Lounging During Great Escape



Quick Smiles:

  • A dog named Cash becomes an internet sensation after a video shows his laid-back response to escaping his home.
  • Rather than taking off, Cash is caught on camera sunning himself in the yard, to the amusement of his owner.
  • The Bernese mountain dog’s chill attitude earns him over 1.7 million views and a quarter of a million likes on TikTok.

my brother & I went to get food and we came back to the house with the front door wide opened and our dog, Cash, vibing on the lawn by himself. He knows his life is too good to run away😭😭😭 #foryou #foryoupage #dailyvlog #bernesemountaindog #dayinthelife #summer #dogsoftiktok ♬ Close To You – Gracie Abrams

Natalie DePersia recently encountered a harrowing situation – her beloved dog had slipped out from their home. However, what could have been a pet owner’s nightmare turned into a comical moment that resonated with internet users.

On June 13, DePersia uploaded a video on her TikTok account (@nnatmdepersiaa) showcasing the intriguing moment. Initially, her infectious laughter can be heard resonating in the vehicle she shares with her brother. The humor of the situation becomes apparent as the camera captures their mountaintop abode’s front door wide open.

Their Bernese mountain dog, Cash, instead of exploring or running off, is spotted lounging in the sun, taking pleasure in his unexpected freedom right in his garden. His relaxed demeanor, as he watches his owner laugh till her eyes glisten, is what made this video an internet sensation.

DePersia recounted, “I was absolutely wheezing with laughter because the whole thing caught us completely off guard. My laugh does not normally sound that… interesting!”

She continued, “Living on a fairly busy road, it was surreal to see Cash lounging so nonchalantly in the sun, seemingly unfazed by everything around him. If we hadn’t found him quickly, I would have been frantic, but at that moment, I couldn’t help but find the situation utterly hilarious.”

The video quickly went viral on TikTok, garnering over a quarter of a million likes and eliciting a slew of witty comments. One TikTok user humorously commented: “He said the streets ain’t for me.” Echoing this sentiment, other users also praised Cash’s love for home comforts over street adventures.


Comments continue to accumulate, with viewers interpreting Cash’s perspective: “Why would I leave? All my stuff is here.”

Upon her return home, DePersia treated Cash to some ice cream to celebrate his loyal behavior. Still marveling at the video’s viral reach, she observed, “I’m amazed that so many others found it as funny as I did, especially considering they don’t know Cash personally.”

Despite the unexpected event, DePersia expressed her trust in Cash’s behavior, noting, “He has always been such a good boy—we never have to worry about him.”

Interestingly, Cash’s arrival into the DePersia family was just as unexpected as his online fame. In 2019, due to an adoption mix-up, the family ended up with the lovable Cash instead of the dog they had chosen online. They embraced this unexpected development, considering it winning the “doggy lottery.”

While Bernese mountain dogs are renowned for their friendliness and intelligence, Cash has developed a unique affinity for water, uncharacteristic of his breed.

DePersia said, “He loves the pool and the ocean, often diving in alone to cool off. Every day with Cash is an adventure, and we’re grateful for the joy he brings to our lives, even if he wasn’t the dog we initially chose. He truly makes our family whole.”



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