Dog Cries And Does The Zoomies As She Reunites With Dad After Months Apart [Video]

  • Ever since Sofie the German Shepherd dog was a puppy, she and her dad Austin, have been inseparable.
  • But her dad had to be deployed for six months and Sofie could not wait until he was home.
  • When her dad’s deployment ended, Sofie was so surprised and overjoyed to see her dad back.

When a German Shepherd dog reunites with her dad, there is no doubting the joy that was in her heart. After six months of waiting, her dad was finally home from his deployment!

Sofie and her dad, Austin, have been inseparable ever since she was a puppy.  Her mom, Ally Ross said that Sofie loves her dad so much.

But her dad, who is a member of the U.S Armed Forces, had to be deployed.  They had no choice but to be apart.  Their daily bonding had to be postponed for when her dad came home.

Not knowing why they had to be separated, it took a while for Sofie to understand why her dad had to go.  As Ross said, “After he left, she would still go into our bedroom and look for him.”

Photo Credit: Ally Ross

But slowly, Sofie learned to wait.

And boy was it such a sweet reunion when her dad Austin finally returned home! 

Sofie could not believe her eyes when her mom opened the door and there was her dad standing in their yard! She just had to run and told him how much she missed him.  Her cries were of joy and delight at having him back! 

Photo Credit: Ally Ross

Watching the reunion unfold, her mom could not help but cry too. 

And crying was not enough as Sofie did the zoomies to show Dad her excitement, too!  Sofie just could not contain the happiness in her heart— Dad was home. Sofie’s little family is complete.  What more could she ask for?

Photo Credit: Ally Ross

In the days since her dad came back, Ross said that the two have been going on runs and adventures together.  She said, “Best buds for sure.”

We wish you the best of times ahead, Sofie, Austin and Ally!

Source: The Dodo

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What a wonderful reunion. She is a beautiful dog.

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