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Dog fakes blindness to take break from new puppy



  • Bella and Baguette were getting along nicely until Bella needed a break from Baguette’s puppy energy.
  • Bella pretended not to see some things and worried her mom to the point of rushing her to the vet.
  • It turns out that Bella just needed some space and faked her blindness to get away!

We all need some alone time once in a while. One dog wanted a break from the buzz around her that she took it to the extreme and faked blindness!

Elle Nailga was starting to have more work hours than usual. Concerned that her dog, Bella, may feel lonely, Elle got a little pug puppy named Baguette to become Bella’s new friend.

Photo Credit: Elle Nailga

Bella was excited to have a new companion, but she didn’t expect that Baguette’s boundless puppy energy would be too much for her to handle.

Photo Credit: Elle Nailga

It was at this time that Elle noticed Bella occasionally bumping into things or having difficulty jumping on and off the couch. Elle didn’t worry too much, though… until one morning.

Elle woke the dogs to play fetch. “I threw the toy, but Bella didn’t want to go after it,” she shared. “I thought maybe it was just because Baguette took it first, so I held Baguette to stay and threw it, but Bella was just sitting there staring at me. She didn’t even follow the direction of the toy.”

Photo Credit: Elle Nailga

When Elle pretended she was about to poke Bella’s eye, “She DIDN’T BLINK! That’s when I really worried and thought that something was definitely wrong with her eyes.”

Elle rushed Bella to the vet, where she was diagnosed with acute blindness. She was told to visit an ophthalmologist immediately.

Photo Credit: Elle Nailga

Bella underwent some tests, such as getting through “a maze test with the lights on and off.” The specialists found the dog’s behavior “very ‘inconsistent,’” since she could still “walk through the maze without hitting any of the obstacles.” They suspected that Bella wasn’t fully blind.

After a few more tests, the ophthalmologist told Elle that Bella’s eyes “worked perfectly fine.” He then suggested that it could be a behavioral issue, especially if there are changes in her lifestyle or environment.

“I told him that I had gotten a puppy, and that’s when he thought that it was Baguette causing this,” Elle said. “They realized that she was trying to avoid and ignore Baguette.”

Photo Credit: Elle Nailga

Bella faked her blindness so she can take a break from the energetic Baguette!

From then on, Elle made sure to set aside some time and space for Bella to get away from Baguette’s limitless energy.

Photo Credit: Elle Nailga

Now, Bella has gotten more relaxed around Baguette, and the little puppy is starting to learn to give her big sister some space. It will still take some time for them to completely adjust, but at least Bella doesn’t feel the need to fake blindness again just to get away.

Source: The Dodo