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Dog Finds Soulmate On Her Balcony During Lockdown [Video]



  • The lockdown put their family homebound, but Ramona the dog still managed to find her soulmate.
  • The dog and her owners were out on their balcony for a dose of fresh air when something unexpected happened.
  • Ramona locks eyes with a dog from across the street, it was true love.

Meet Ramona. She is a charming little dog who lives in Ecuador.

Ramona is confined inside their house for the past weeks. She and her owners were homebound since the lockdown measures are put in place, leaving their house only for essentials. This being cooped up indoors, did not get in the way of true love.

One night, Ramona and her owners were out on their balcony. Paula Sáenz de Viteri and Karla Cadena were sitting out to help themselves to some fresh air when, clearly, something pulled the dog’s attention. There, on the street below, was another dog.

Even from a distance, it was obvious that this second dog was staring back at her. This probably escapes the dog’s understanding, but for her owners, it looked as if it was love at first sight.

“I saw Ramona get super excited,” Paula said. “I looked out and saw her Romeo! He came to where we live, also super excited. It was like watching a soap opera.”

This is the first encounter between these two dogs, but clearly, this was all that is necessary.

“It was incredible to see the emotion on their faces,” Karla said.

It turns out that the owner of the second dog runs a woodworking shop part-time just across the street from the apartment where Ramona and her family live. Romeo will be across the street whenever his owner is in the city on business. This is good news for Ramona.

Naturally, Paula and Karla decided to take matters into their own hands. There had to be a proper meeting between these star crossed-lovers.

The next day, the “first date” went on as planned and the encounter was a success. Ramona and Romeo seemed somewhat bashful at first but were nevertheless thrilled to see each other face-to-face.

Paula and Karla decided that their intervention on their dog’s love life is necessary and from now on, they would plan for future get-togethers between Ramona and her Romeo.


“Everything that makes Ramona happy makes us happy,” Paula said. “How nice it was to see she could find love in the time of quarantine.”

Source: The Dodo