Dog Gets Knitted Floppy Ears To Replace His Ears Lost To Dog Attack

  • When the dog Willy Wonka arrived at the Sacramento SPCA, his ears were severely affected from a dog attack.
  • The shelter had to have the ears amputated and one vet tech knitted him a pair of floppy ears.
  • Willy Wonka has recovered from the attack and whoever gets to adopt him, will have him, floppy ears and all.

Willy Wonka, a pit bull/bulldog mix, arrived at the shelter on Jan. 14 after a dog attack. His ears were so severely affected that they had to have both his ears amputated.

With the shelter staff’s love and care, he has since recovered from the dog attack and is now ready for adoption.  He needs a family who is willing to give him all the love and attention he deserves.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Cooper (Unsplash)

The Sacramento SPCA said in his adoption profile: “Despite Willy’s ruff start, his personality shines through, and he’s happy to see everyone he meets! (He even seems to still enjoy the company of dogs, which we are thrilled about!).”

He is such a gentle soul that one of the shelter’s vet techs did not want him to feel left out from other dogs who have both ears intact. The vet tech decided to knit Wally a pair of floppy ears!

Photo Credit: Sacramento SPCA (Facebook)

The post showed Willy Wonka modeling the tech’s finished product on Facebook. The 75-lb. Pit bull/bulldog mix dog looked so adorable in his knitted purple headband with white and pink ears that matched his coat.  The post has already earned thousands of interactions.

The shelter commented: “Our favorite part is that the ears flop around just like real ones!”

We certainly wish you end up with your forever family soon, Willy Wonka!

Source: People

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