Dog Goes To Office With Mom And Starts Treasure Hunting [Video]

  • Heidy Lopez decided to bring his dog, Jon Snow, to her workplace.
  • Jon discovered a warehouse in his mom’s workplace that has full of treasures.
  • Every time that he comes to work, her mom’s co-workers would look forward to guessing what treasure he would present to his mom.

One man’s junk can be another man’s treasure.  In this case, a dog’s treasure that he loves to bring to his mom.

Heidy Lopez works for a moving company in Illinois.  And since February 2021, her dog Jon Snow has been coming to work with her. Jon has been exploring the areas in the office and enjoying the company of her mom’s co-workers.

The company has a warehouse where a lot of stuff from people moving has been temporarily stored.  This is what Jon discovered on one of his trips around his mom’s office.

Every time that he comes to the office, he heads to the warehouse, sifts through the stuff and chooses a treasure to bring to his mom’s desk.  It does not matter how big or small, weird or cute the items are, as long as he can bring them to his mom.

What he chooses to present to his mom has been a subject of much anticipation among his mom’s co-workers.

Lopez said, “Everyone here enjoys watching Jon schlep his treasures. “It’s everyone’s highlight of the day!”


Jon Snow🥰once he’s lost his patience lol In his defense, I kept him out there for a while bc i love when he knocks #sorry #americanbully #pocket #jonsnow #babyboy #lovehim #fcbk #knockknock

♬ original sound – 🌻KolaStyles🌻

Lopez added that Jon is incredibly proud of his treasures. “He enjoys every [single] thing he brings. It’s so cute. I’d have to say the strangest and most hilarious was an orthopedic boot. It was funny and gross at the same time,” Lopez said.

There is no pattern to what Jon’s treasures are going to be— step stool, hose, basketball hoop, rocking horse, cooler, the whole caboodle. One time it was a sled that created a lot of banging.

On his treasure hunting forays, there’s always another employee, Frank, who supervises Jon and brings the treasures back to the warehouse after Jon has presented the gift to his mom.

It is Jon’s way of saying thank you to his mom for bringing him to work.

Source: The Dodo

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