Dog impresses the internet by ‘doing household chores’ with mom

  • A service dog is getting praise for helping her mom with the household work.
  • The dog carries her bowl to the dishwasher.
  • She can even load the dishwasher by herself.

Getting kids to help around the house with housework is one of the best methods to teach them responsibility. From cleaning the dishes to putting on a load of laundry to bringing out the trash, these small tasks teach them important things.

But as we all know, not many children enjoy getting their hands filthy. Unless your child is an excellent listener, like TikTok pooch @qettra, the housework is going to pile up.


Qettra, a service dog, deserves tons of treats for how efficiently she follows commands and completes her responsibilities. Her mother doesn’t have to remind her to put something away more than once, whereas other parents are pulling their hair out trying to persuade their children to do something! Wait until you see what this obedient pup accomplishes for her mother.

She returned to get her bowl, carried it to the dishwasher, and loaded it all on her own. 

“Does she do laundry, too? Asking for a friend,” asked @Lisa.Β 

We could definitely use some help with the laundry!  To be honest, we wouldn’t be surprised if Qettra knows how to put socks away. It’s the same way she puts her dish in the dishwasher.

“Listens better than my kids. ????,” commented @Theresa Patton.

She is a better listener than most children!


Did you notice how she looks at her mother after each task?! That is really adorable!

@Jay Jay commented, “She looks at you like saying, ‘TREAT.’ ????.”Β 

She’s staring at her mom like a child expecting ice cream after clearing up the dishes. They always seem to be looking for a reward. At the very least, Qettra’s reward is well deserved, thanks to her impeccable listening skills!

Source: Pet Helpful

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