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This Husky Is Obsessed With Ice And Anything Cold But Hates Taking A Bath! [Video]



  • It was obvious for Whiskey’s family that he loves ice so much and anything cold.
  • But for weird reasons he hates water and whatever that has got to do with it like taking a bath.
  • Because his family loves him so much, they put ice in the shower and let him play with it as long as he can.

Whiskey is obsessed with ice and his family can see that easily. 

“I would freeze blocks of ice and place them in his water bowl,” family member, Kassie Massey, told The Dodo. “I would notice he would take the huge block of ice to the living room and chew on it.” 

Video Credit: Kassie Massey

In general, Whiskey seems to love anything cold. Naturally, he loves to play in the snow too and rolls over on it! But for some weird reasons, as much as he loves cold things, he doesn’t like anything liquid and hates taking a bath or playing with water. 

Whiskey’s family would love to share on the internet how Whiskey loves the snow just like the other dogs they see on social media. But then they were worried, Whiskey might not like the snow melting too quickly outside — and so they thought of a way to do it.

Video Credit: Kassie Massey

“My boyfriend had the idea to put the ice in the shower since we didn’t have a pool and the water could go down the drain,” Kassie said. 

They went to fill the shower with ice and when whiskey peeked to see what they’re doing, he ran away quickly horrified that they might try to bathe him. Although, they managed to get him to the shower after a while and he was so thrilled to see it filled with ice!

Photo Credit: Kassie Massey

In his excitement, he rolled on it and chewed some! Of course, the ice still started to melt gradually, but Whiskey played with it as long as he could and he was just so happy. 

“He was there the entire time until most of the ice melted,” Kassie said.

Photo Credit: Kassie Massey

After the ice had melted and completely gone, Whiskey gave his mom a look like he was asking for more! Of course, he will get a lot of that in the future for sure!

Source: The Dodo