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Dog Is So Smart He Teaches His Family To Give Him A Hug Whenever Someone Leaves The Home



  • 2-year-old Max, is a really smart dog, instead of his parents training him, he trains his parents to do some commands.
  • His most favorite thing to do is give a hug whenever someone is leaving or when he is the one going out.
  • When someone comes into the home, he would choose a shoe to give the guest and he requires to get a hug from them too.

The 2-year-old cocker spaniel named Max is a very smart dog and learning tricks has been always easy for him. So smart that he even decided he’d be the one to teach his parents the commands he came up himself.

“I really taught him the basic necessities. Everything else he learned himself,” his mom, Kathryn Toope told The Dodo. “Max would learn something after you said it once or twice, so he just made his own way.”

Max would ring a bell whenever he would like to go outside, put his paws on bed when he would want a boost up, and he has also taught his parents to hug him whenever they are leaving the home.

“I don’t quite know when we realized we’d been trained,” Kathryn said. “He’s usually there waiting when someone is getting ready to leave and then he just jumps up for his hug.”

It could be time-consuming for particular days his parents are on a rush because Max requires a minimum of three hugs. And he does the same with others too, regardless, if someone is going out the door he has to get a hug.

“He does this when people leave the house if they’ve only been visiting,” Kathryn said. “[Like] the electrician, or the washing machine repairman, or the guy from the water company! Everyone complies.”

Whenever it’s Max’s turn to leave, he also makes sure he gives a hug to everyone. “When we leave day care, if there are other people there waiting for their dogs, he likes to give each of them a hug before he comes to us,” Kathryn said.

Well his proper goodbye routine is very sweet, but his greetings are the most fun.

Photo Credit: maxlikeshugs (Instagram)

When someone is coming, he would wait by the door and decide which shoe he’d give the guest. “When they come in, he dances around their feet and when they have taken their gift from him, they get a welcome home hug,”  Kathryn said.

Apparently, hugs mean so much to Max and his parents love to give that to him.

Source: The Dodo