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Dog looks like she’s about to sneeze in photos taken by her mom



  • Imogene is a sweet and loving dog.
  • However, everything changes when her mom tries to take her photo.
  • While she lets her mom dress her up, she won’t sit still for photos. 

Meet Imogene, a bloodhound with an unquenchable thirst for life. But when Imogene’s mother attempts to photograph her dog’s wide, happy smile, things rarely go as planned.

The Dodo

Lisa Vaughan, Imogenes’ mother, described her as a “goofy critter with a big bark and an even bigger heart,” who hardly ever meets a stranger and enjoys giving “hound hugs.”

Imogene is sweet and loving, but everything changes the moment her mother takes out her camera.

“Our photoshoots are just fun,” said Vaughan. “[They’re] usually treat motivated, and she gets a bit squirrelly and starts running around.”

The Dodo

Imogene will let her mother dress her up, but she will not sit still for her photoshoots. She moves around so much that her mother needs to film her instead.

Vaughan claims that the best method to capture the right shot is to film Imogene in slow motion and then examine the clip frame by frame.

Imogene, on the other hand, tries her hardest to pose, even if every stance makes her look as if she’s about to sneeze.

The Dodo

Imogene’s mother has published her attempts at the perfect dog portrait on social media, frequently comparing her dog’s floppy ears and droopy face to a Picasso artwork.

“I might not have a perfect photo, but it definitely will make one laugh,“ she added.

The Dodo

Vaughan simply wants to share a bit of Imogene’s joy around the world, spreading some of that love she receives daily. And she understands that, in the end, Imogene is perfect just the way she is.

“The goofiest, happiest, most huggable hound that I’ve ever met,” Vaughan wrote on Facebook. “I’m lucky that she owns me.”

Source: The Dodo