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Dog-Loving NASCAR Driver Launches “Clear The Shelters” Initiative



  • Alex Bowman, NASCAR driver for Hendrick Motorsports, has always seen himself as a dog whisperer.
  • He has made it his mission to help shelter animals by raising donations and visiting shelters, bringing love and attention to them.
  • Recently, he partnered with Best Friends Animal Society and his sponsor, Ally, to launch the “Clear the Shelters” initiative in a bid to end kill shelters.

NASCAR driver Alex Bowman is a certified dog-lover, and it’s no secret. The racecar driver for Hendrick Motorsports always adds his self-proclaimed title of “Dog Whisperer” on his social media pages. He also regularly shares the adventures of his rescue pups, Roscoe and Finn, on his Instagram and Twitter posts. Now, he’s on a new kind of race: helping to clear the animal shelters.

Ever since the NASCAR season started in March, Alex has been working with Best Friends Animal Society along with the rest of the No. 48 team.

He also partnered with their team’s sponsor, Ally, to launch the “Clear the Shelters” initiative in August.

Alex shared, “Working with Ally all year and working with Best Friends earlier this year and donating to a bunch of shelters, it’s really cool that they are all about giving back and helping a cause that’s close to my heart.”

Alex said that his long-term goal with Best Friends Animal Society is “to end kill shelters and to save them all.”

“There’s a lot of animals that are in need of homes and I have a rescue dog named Roscoe, so it’s something I’m really passionate about,” he continued.

Along with the initiative, Ally pledged to donate $1,000 to a shelter affiliated with Best Friends for every track the team races in the Cup Series. Alex also pledged to match each donation, and for every win he earns, Ally will donate $10,000.

So far in the 2021 season, Alex and the No. 48 team have won three races, which totals to at least $30,000 in donations.


Alex doesn’t stop with just donations. He also personally visits many shelters to bring love and attention to the animals staying there.

He shared that it has been a wonderful experience to meet new people and hang out with the shelter animals.

“There’s a lot of pets that need homes, and I feel like obviously, we’re kind of scratching the surface and making a small difference. But any difference is better than none,” he added.

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