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Dog refuses to share new kitten with the rest of the family



  • At first, Rex’s owners weren’t sure how he’d react to their new kitten.
  • But the first time Rex saw Casper, it was love at first sight.
  • Rex wants to keep Casper all to himself most of the time. 

Colleen Harrison and her family weren’t sure how their dogs would respond when they adopted a little kitten named Casper. Normally, Minnie, their pittie, is the one who enjoys caring for small animals, but when their other dog, Rex, saw Casper, it was love at first sight.

@colleenraney53 Ya'll this dog loves our new kitten. ❤ Rex follows Casper around everywhere, licks him, cuddles him, and plays with him. I am beginning to think he really thinks this kitten is his baby. 🤣#kitten #dog #animalfriends #pets ♬ original sound – colleenraney53

Rex is a lot younger than Minnie and enjoys playing, and he and Casper share the same amount of energy. They love to play and snuggle all day, and at first, Rex wasn’t too keen on other people playing with the new kitten.

“At first, Rex didn’t like anyone coming near the kitten,” Harrison said. “He was very protective of him. He’s the same way with our children. Anytime the kitten or our kids are out of Rex’s sight or in another room he can’t get to, he just sits close by whining for them.”

Rex would try to hide Casper from the rest of the family when they were nestled up together, but Casper is far too wiggly to remain undetected for long.

Rex adores Casper so much that when he first met him, he refused to share him with anyone else. He’s starting to warm up to the notion now, as long as he can keep Casper mostly to himself.

“Rex doesn’t mind others holding or playing with the kitten now, but he does keep an eye on him at all times,” said Harrison.

Rex and Casper were lifelong friends the moment they met, and the entire family is looking forward to watching them mature together.

Source: The Dodo