Dog sees squirrels on TV and completely loses it [Video]

  • Golden Retriever-Chow Chow mix Stella has this funny fixation over squirrels.
  • She would often sit on the porch and watch out for squirrels in their yard. During winter, however, Stella spends most of her time indoors, boring the life out of her.
  • Her mom Bronwyn thought of entertaining Stella through an animal channel in YouTube, and Stella has been glued to the tube since then!

Stella, a Golden Retriever-Chow Chow mix, fancies squirrels like no other.

Photo Credit: Stellabella_1/Twitter

Her daily routine involves staying in the porch especially on clear, summer days to guard their lawn against intruders, especially squirrels that might sneak into their home.

According to her mom Bronwyn Crawford, Stella is so obsessed with squirrels that it’s “her favorite thing to watch.”

On colder days, however, Stella cannot sit on the porch and look after squirrels. She would rather stay inside the house, as winter drives squirrels away from the streets too.

Bronwyn knew Stella gets pretty bored staying indoors, so she tries her best to entertain her pup. And what better way there is than to “bring the wild indoors?”

Since Stella loves the “wild outdoors” — squirrels and birds and chipmunks — Bronwyn thought of putting up a “dog TV” via YouTube. When Stella saw it, she was instantly enamored by what she saw.

“We put it on for her and saw how fixated she was,” Bronwyn told The Dodo. “She never really paid any attention to the TV much before, so her reaction was so funny.”

It was particularly the sight of her favorite squirrels that Stella looked so spellbound. It was such a cute sight to watch!

Since then, Stella would spend hours glued on her seat and watching the tube. She looks so settled, effortlessly bringing so much joy to the Crawford family.

Photo Credit: Stellabella_1/Twitter

“She’s brought so much love to our lives,” Bronwyn said. “She is a very sassy dog.”

Source: The Dodo

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