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Dog Sneaks Into The Pool For Secret Swim To Have It All For Himself [Video]



  • Elliot enjoys swimming the most, this is the best thing in the world for him.
  • The only problem is that in order to get to the above-ground pool, he would need to climb a ladder.
  • Elliot makes his family carry him into the pool but recently they found out that he could climb the ladder himself, especially when he sneaks into the pool to swim in secret.

Elliot shows fondness to water. This is probably the best activity there is for the dog. Luckily for him, his family has an above-ground pool in their yard. Every time that the family hangout inside the pool, the dog whimpers non-stop until one of them carries him up the ladder to the pool.

“He would whine, until we picked him up and put him in with us,” Abigail Rose said.

This is just for show, it turns out. Elliot requires no company whenever he wanted to go for a swim. Nobody needs to carry him either. 

Until recently, she was unaware that their dog is quite capable of climbing his way up the pool. Elliot was out for a bathroom break when she found out that the dog learned how to climb the ladder to get to the pool.

Photo Credit: Abigail Rose

“We didn’t realize he could climb the front of the ladder!” she said.

Elliot has been sneaking into the pool without them knowing. The family had not considered that their dog is able to since had always asked them to carry him into the pool whenever.

The dog learned to take initiative. There is no stopping him now. He could just go outside, climb up the ladder and jump in whenever he fancies.

“I was laughing,” she said. “I figured he would like to go swimming with us, but I never thought he would be able to climb a ladder, ever!”

Photo Credit: Abigail Rose

There are no concerns about how this unsupervised swimming goes. Elliot is a good swimmer—probably because of all the time he spent swimming in secret too. He could get in and out of the pool no problem. Still, the family keeps a close watch whenever they catch him swimming on his own, just in case.

“I definitely feel like he’s safe,” Rose said. “We never have him outside when we leave the house, so I’m not too worried about that.”

Meanwhile, the family now knows about his secret but nothing has changed about their pool arrangements. Elliot would still have them carry him up the ladder on days that they are hangout inside the pool. The offer may not go both ways, but that is not a problem for the family.

“He’s like our child,” Rose said. “He soaks it all up!”

Source: The Dodo