Pup Takes Beloved Tiger with Him to See his First Snow

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  • Captain has been so obsessed with stuffed tiger toys since he was a puppy that he claimed his sister’s toys as his own.
  • He takes the tiger everywhere, so when he witnessed his first snow, he made sure to bring it along with him.
  • He quickly grabbed his tiger and headed back outside to run around together in the snow!

Captain the golden retriever has loved stuffed tiger toys ever since he was just a little puppy.

Photo Credit: Liz Andersen

His mom, Liz Andersen, shared that Captain had claimed her daughter’s stuffed white tiger for his own. When he destroyed it, he moved on to her daughter’s other stuffed tiger, this time an orange one.

Now one and a half years old, Captain still brings his beloved tiger everywhere.

Photo Credit: Liz Andersen

Liz said that she can always tell when Captain is excited — he picks up his tiger and “wiggles his little butt.”

When Captain and his family moved from California to Denver, Colorado, he got to witness his first snow.

Captain was amazed at what he was seeing!

Photo Credit: Liz Andersen

As he went outside to experience it, he was mesmerized.

Liz recalled, β€œHe kinda just looked around at it and, of course, tried to eat a bit of it. But he just watched … he was so fascinated.”

So when Captain asked to be let in again, Liz was surprised that he would cut his snow time short. She then realized that he wanted to share the special moment with his beloved tiger.

Captain rushed to grab his tiger before running back out. He was so excited that he was running all around!

Photo Credit: Liz Andersen

It seems that Captain knew that special moments are made better when shared with a loved one.

Photo Credit: Liz Andersen

And Liz and her family are thankful to have Captain as part of their family.

β€œHe has really made this family complete. He is such a light and is always there for everyone,” Liz said. “We have a son that is autistic, and he always goes to him to give him comfort. He’s just the best boy we could have ever hoped for.”

Photo Credit: Liz Andersen

The adorable Captain is looking forward to experiencing his next snow day, together with his beloved tiger.

Source: The Dodo

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