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Dog tied to pole reaches out paw, asking cop to set him free [Video]



  • Liam was rescued by a cop while he was tied to a pole, looking “absolutely emaciated [and] dehydrated.”
  • Upon seeing the officer, he reached out his paw to her as if asking her to save him.
  • Now, Liam is under the care of a rescue founder and has been recovering well.

Two dogs tied to poles on a dead-end street in Pompano, Florida were reported last week. There were no cameras in the area, which made it impossible to know who abandoned them or how long they had been stuck there.

Officer Angela Laurella wasted no time to respond to the incident. With temperatures climbing to 100 degrees outside, she knew she had to save the poor pups at once.

Angela rushed over and found a frail gray dog tied so tightly to a pole. The leash was very short that he could barely move.

Photo Credit: 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida

The poor pup, named Liam, was “absolutely emaciated, dehydrated, with every bone and rib protruding.”

The officer knew Liam had a hard time and he needed special care. She then reached out to the rescue 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida for help, who accepted Liam without hesitation although they were over capacity.

Amy Roman, the rescue founder and president, shared that the dog placed his paw in Angela’s hand and bowed down so she could pet him.

“She just walked toward him very slowly and reached out her hand, and he kind of cowered and gave her his paw, as if to say, ‘Please help get me out of here,’” Amy said.

Liam got the care he needed. He is now under Amy’s care and is slowly gaining back his strength and appetite.

“He’s receiving so much love around the clock,” Amy said. “He’s being fed every hour on the hour so his body gets used to it … We have volunteers who are cooking batches of boiled chicken and rice, so he’s loving life right now.”


Since the rescue, Liam’s life has just only started. He still has a long list of vet appointment to attend in the future and a continuous recovery period to complete. But despite all these, he remains to be a ball of sunshine to every person he meets.

Photo Credit: 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida

“He loves everybody, and there’s not a mean bone in this dog’s body,” Amy said. “To me, that says it all, because after everything he’s endured, he’s still so grateful and forgiving.”

Source: The Dodo