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Dog who lost front leg in accident now walks like a human [Video]



  • Dexter met an accident in 2016.
  • Due to the accident, the pup lost his front leg.
  • Determined and positive, Dexter taught himself how to walk upright like how his family does!

“…even in our darkest, hardest times, we can overcome.”

This is the realization of Kentee Pasek over the accident of her dog, Dexter, and how he’d gone above his circumstance.

In June 2015, Dexter was adopted — bringing so much joy in his family with his naturally jolly and optimistic disposition. Things were going smoothly since the adoption, until nine months later when Dexter met an accident.

Dexter escaped from the yard and got hit by a moving van.

“An owner’s worst nightmare, a freak accident,” Kentee told The Dodo. “…we were on search as soon as it happened, but he is fast. My husband Tim found him running alongside the road… I got a call from Tim that ‘Dexter kinda hurt his front legs.’ When I arrived on the scene, it was way worse than I imagined possible.”

Living in the middle of the mountains, the couple had to drive almost an hour to get a veterinarian care.

Photo Credit: Kentee Pasek/The Dodo

Fortunately, Dexter survived and his determination to live made it easier for him to endure that moment. However, his recovery process took long. He lost one of his front legs, needed to wear a cone for almost a year, and had to learn how to move around with his condition. Despite all these, Dexter remained the happy pup he is.

“He was super happy just being alive,” Kentee said. “He was smiling, happy and positive. There were many days his attitude was infectious for the rest of us… One day I placed him outside in his kennel in the sun, and he was so happy to be outside, even as injured as he was. He just loved to be with us.”

A dog who loves to explore, Dexter soon managed to get around with his “tripod peg leg hop walk” and learned how to walk using only his two back legs, just like a human!

His mom was so shocked and worried at the same time, thinking that he could be hurt again, the first time she saw him walking like a man.


“I carried him off the stairs and back to the yard and took out my phone to record his actions because I needed proof for myself and for everyone else in our household,” Kentee shared. “He turned around and did it again. I caught him walking upright up the front stairs… I remember feeling both amazement and apprehension over this determined dog.”

Soon, Dexter mastered his human walk and now usually walks like that. This has made him popular among the neighborhood and social media friends — who still couldn’t believe how well he walks like how a normal man does.

“You can imagine what happens when a dog walking upright passes you and you have never seen that before … we really shock people,” his proud mom said.

Source: The Dodo