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Dog Whose Owner Lost Job To Pandemic now has New Forever Home



  • Rodie’s dad lost his job and soon his house due to the pandemic.
  • So he sent Roadie away with a message in a bottle hoping that she would find someone who’d give her a better life.
  • Luckily, Roadie not only found a new dad but she’s also starting a new career!

One day, Roadie, a German shepherd mix, got lost in the streets of Franklin, Indiana, unsure how to go home.

She got tired of walking around trying to find her way back, so she took a rest under a tree and waited for some help. That’s when a kindhearted stranger saw her and noticed she was carrying a message inside a tiny bottle dangling in her collar. 

Photo Credit: Johnson County Animal Control

The note in the bottle explained how her dad, despite the fact that he loved her so much, let her go after he’d lost his job amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As soon as director Michael Delp of Johnson County Animal Control got the message, he rushed to rescue Roadie and take her to the shelter. 

Photo Credit: Johnson County Animal Control

The good news was Roadie was perfectly healthy, playful, and still has a happy personality — but she needs a family to live with forever.

“When I read the note, [I felt] two emotions: one, if it is legit, my heart goes out to that individual,” Michael told The Dodo. “If it was not legit, [I felt] anger that someone would manufacture an excuse to abandon their dog that was designed to elicit sympathy.”

So they investigated and found out who the owner was and that what was said on the note was legit. They also provided help to the man right away because he desperately needed one.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Pell

Roadie’s story made news and soon enough, Jeremy Pell, a reserve sheriff deputy and the White River Township Fire Department chief, who was also looking for a dog to train, thought Roadie would be a perfect fit for search and rescue!

“I opened up the news and saw Roadie,” Jeremy told The Dodo. “I saw the breed and the story and the fact that she is literally in my backyard.”

So he went to the shelter, checked on Roadie, and after she passed the evaluation, she now has a new dad, a new family, a new career, and a new forever home!

Roadie has also started her training and goes to the office every day with her dad.

She also now has a new name that signifies her fresh start — she is now named Rosie Grace — “because it’s by God’s grace that she was found and got a new career,” Jeremy said.

Source: The Dodo