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Dogs and Cats Featured in Virtual Stands During NBA Game Got Adopted After 48 Hours [Video]



  • Since fans are not allowed to watch on the actual stands during basketball tournaments because of the COVID-19, people continued their support watching virtually.
  • Best Friends Animal Society took this as an opportunity to help their pets find forever homes while supporting their favorite athletes.
  • So they featured 28 dogs and 2 cats on the virtual stands — after 48 hours, the pets have been adopted!

Many basketball tournaments have been held without fans on the bleachers due to COVID-19, but people are still giving their best to support their favorite athletes. One such animal rescue organization took the situation as an opportunity to show support to the athletes and help their rescued animals find forever homes at the same time.

While pets are not allowed in the actual bleachers during NBA games, virtual stands have no such restrictions. So the Best Friends Animal Society let their adorable animals watch on the “courtside,” hoping to find them loving families.

There were 28 dogs and 2 cats that were featured during the game, along with their foster parents, to show how adoptable they are.

It was absolutely adorable and definitely successful! After only 48 hours since the game, some of the pets have already been adopted and a number of families have been inquiring for others.

“Now is a great time to have a pet in your home as people are working at home, to have a buddy to watch an NBA game with, or just to be your companion in life and everything that you do,” said Valerie Dorian, the chief development officer at Best Friends Animal Society.

Photo Credit: Best Friends Animal Society

Aside from their main purpose to have the pets adopted, they also emphasized how fostering is just as important. When a pet is taken by a foster family, the shelter can provide a home for another animal in need.

One of the foster parents, Samantha Bell, was happy that the event had taken place. 

Photo Credit: Best Friends Animal Society

“Sports and animal rescue don’t usually go hand in hand, so I just think it’s a great way to bring a whole new audience into animal rescue,” she said. “I hope it gets us a bunch of new fosters and a bunch of new homes for these sweet animals.”

It surely is an incredible way to bring two different worlds together in one place, in a special time, and just let love (for animals) take its course.

Source: Inspire More