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Dog’s Favorite Toy Gets Discontinued But Mom Did Not Stop Until She Could Find One, or Twenty



  • Marley went out shopping with his mom and picked out a strawberry toy to bring home.
  • This strawberry toy became his favorite but had to throw it away after the dog played with it so much that it was beyond repair.
  • His mom searched for this now-discontinued toy until one store manager reached to send them two strawberry toys but ended up sending them twenty.

Hayley Martin was out shopping one day when her dog came across a strawberry toy that he immediately fell in love with. Marley picked the toy himself and made it clear that he wanted to bring this strawberry toy home with him. Of course, her mom bought it for him.

From that moment on, this strawberry toy was his favorite. However, this fondness over one toy ensures only one outcome. After playing with it for a year, his favorite toy was in tatters. Marley’s strawberry toy was in such a bad shape that they had to throw it away.

“Its last legs was when it got soaked and covered in mud and washing it couldn’t save it,” Hayley explained.

She rushed to the store to search for another strawberry toy as a replacement, but her search was all for naught. The strawberry toy had been discontinued, much to her dismay.

Marley is a trained autism service dog. Every day, the dog works especially hard to help his mom. For this reason, she wanted to do something for him in return and since this strawberry toy is all too important for her dog, there is no reason for her to give up.

She posted about the strawberry toy and her dog, asking people online about how she could get her hands on one of these toys again. The post reached the manager from the store somehow. The manager reached out after that and promised to send along two strawberry toys for the dog.

Stacey opened up the package immediately after receiving it, excited about the two strawberry toys that would make her dog happy. When she opened it, she was surprised to see twenty strawberry toys inside instead of two. Her surprise is nothing compared to how surprised her dog was.

“Marley was shocked,” Hayley said. “He didn’t know what to do! He was so gentle about it all but was so excited! He spent an hour going through them all giving each of them a nudge so they would squeak!”

He is all set for the near future, with 20 strawberry toys. There is nothing that his mom would not try to do to make him happy, especially after everything that the dog has done for her. For sure, there is nothing to complain about. This probably the greatest present he will ever receive. 

Source: The Dodo