These Dogs Have the Funniest Reactions over Human’s Bark and Automatic Feeder [Video]

Dogs Have the Funniest Reactions over Human's Bark and Automatic Feeder

  • Two new TikTok videos captured two dogs’ hilarious reactions to their mom’s sudden actions.
  • Keiko was hanging out with her human mom when she suddenly barked, shocking her into a priceless look.
  • Olive, meanwhile, was very much upset with her new automatic dog feeder, and gave an adorable tantrum.

Dogs can have the most hilarious reactions to anything new they encounter. There’s just something about their facial expressions that make the moment seem so wholesome. These dogs had the funniest and most adorable reactions to their human mom barking and their automatic feeder.

The first dog, Keiko, was hanging out with her mom, Adrian Chateau Wiles, when she heard the most unusual sound from her.

Dogs Have the Funniest Reactions over Human's Bark and Automatic Feeder
Photo Credit: TikTok/adrianchateau

Adrian had been seeing the TikTok trend of dog owners barking at their dogs, so she had been wanting to try it out. When she noticed Keiko acting feisty one day, she grabbed the chance.

As Adrian let out a nice, loud bark, Keiko suddenly snapped to attention and gave her mom a priceless look. She was completely shocked and confused! She had to give her mom her trademark side-eye.


bruh this shit has me WHEEZING #fyp

โ™ฌ original sound – Savvy

But the initial shock eventually died down and Keiko suddenly started jumping around excitedly! Perhaps she thought the bark was meant as an invitation to play, which she completely accepts.

Meet our second dog, Olive. She has pretty much enjoyed having her own way when it comes to mealtimes.

That is, until her owner, Hailey Hart, brought a new food sheriff into their house — one that won’t give in to Olive.

The automatic dog feeder only dispenses food at scheduled times and those times only.

Well, Olive is definitely not having it!


She thinks itโ€™s a fancy puzzle toy.. ????????โ€โ™€๏ธ #OliveLouise #dogoargentino #dogtok #OlivetheDogo #dogoftikok

โ™ฌ original sound – Hailey Hart

Once she realized that she cannot get her food out of the machine, she was not at all pleased. What happened to her snack time?

She made sure everyone knows just how she feels about it by having an adorable tantrum and giving some sad puppy eyes that will really make you feel sorry for her.

Dogs Have the Funniest Reactions over Human's Bark and Automatic Feeder
Photo Credit: TikTok/olive.and.hailey

No one loves going on a diet! While having a consistent meal schedule is usually for the better, it doesn’t mean that Olive or any of us are required to be happy about it.

Keiko and Olive are such adorable dogs! We would definitely love to play with Keiko, and we’d perhaps give in to Olive’s sad puppy eyes and sneak her a treat.

You can see more of these adorable pups on Keiko and Olive‘s TikTok channels.

Source: The Dodo

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