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Dogs Help Revive One Country’s Forests By Running Around Carrying Backpacks Filled With Seeds



  • Border collie Das and her pups, Olivia and Summer, worked with their mom to revive the forests in Chile devastated by fire in 2017.
  • All they had to do is run around the affected areas while wearing backpacks full of native plant seeds, and spread them everywhere.
  • It proved to be a perfect exercise for them and a very effective way to make the forest green again!

Three years ago, when Chile experienced the most tragic wildfire in its history, the blazing fires had destroyed 1.4 million acres of forest lands — and in the gradual process of its healing, three furry friends teamed up to give hope and restore its former glory.

Das, a 6-year-old border collie, and her pups, Olivia and Summer, work with their owner, Francisca Torres, in this amazing project. Francisca runs Pewos — a community of dog lovers — and she’s also a dog trainer. 

Photo Credit: @colorful_manatee (Instagram)

After the 2017 wildfire devastation, she and her sister Constanza, thought it would be best to put their beloved dogs’ energy into use. 

So they brought the pups into the areas affected by fire, and each of them wore bags full of native plant seeds. All they had to do is run around and play for hours to spread the seeds, germinate, and make it a healthy forest again!

Photo Credit: @colorful_manatee (Instagram)

On average, the three pups would run up to 18 miles and spread 20 pounds of native seeds. 

While it was a perfect exercise for the extremely active border collies like them, their playtime and bonding also proved to make a huge difference!

Photo Credit: @colorful_manatee (Instagram)

“We have seen many results in flora and fauna coming back to the burned forest!” Francisca told Treehugger. All thanks of course to the enthusiastic canine trio who “are super smart!”

That’s not yet the end of Das, Olivia, and Summer’s mission because their mom plans to take them back to the forest very soon to have a very productive play time once again!

Photo Credit: @colorful_manatee (Instagram)

Source: Inspire More