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Dog’s Hilarious Way Of Avoiding Bath Has The Internet In Stitches [Video]



  • Bath time is not an easy task for dog owners and Jackie the dog’s slow exit is making viewers laugh out loud.
  • In a TikTok video, Jackie was captured standing by the bathroom door slowly backing away from the bubble bath that her owner prepared for her.
  • Pet MD suggests gradually and gently introducing water to dogs rather than throwing them in to avoid trauma.

One of a dog owner’s responsibilities is to make sure their canine’s fur is clean and that means, giving them baths if they cannot bring them to the groomers.  And a lot of funny stories have come out on how dogs would devise ways to avoid taking a bath.

@welldamnjackie199 I could be wrong #bathtime ♬ original sound – I cant control the weather

In a video clip that has the net laughing, Welldamnjackie199 captured how the dog Jackie stands by the bathroom door, slowly backing away as her owner convinces her to get into her bubble bath.

The caption made it more hilarious: “Something tells me she doesn’t wanna take a bath. I could be wrong.”

It did not take long for it to be viewed 782,500 times and liked 171,500!

Photo Credit: @welldamnjackie199 (TikTok)

Dominique G. read what’s on Jackie’s mind and wrote: “Nah, i’m good.” And Juan Guerro added with “Thats ok… you go ahead without me.” highcatmom agreed with: “Maybe if I slowly exit..she’ll leave me alone.”

In fact, the viewers verbalized it for Jackie. Lo said: “She said double it up and give it to the next person.” And Tayee commented: “NOT HER BACKING AWAY.” Tik Toker quipped: “ know what… i think im in the wrong house.”

Many dogs are born great swimmers, but not all love the water or would willingly dive into a lake or pool or the bath.

Photo Credit: @welldamnjackie199 (TikTok)

According to Pet MD, examples of dogs who hate the water are Pugs because of their breathing problems.  French bulldogs have similar problems while Dachshunds have short legs making it difficult for them to swim and Greyhounds.

Dobermans, hairless Chinese crested, Maltese, Basset Hounds and Shih Tzus are also included in the list who do not like the water.

The site suggests gradually and gently introducing dogs to water rather than just throwing them in.

Or as Sluggo997 commented, your dogs would slowly back out and as if saying: “Yea I’m just gonna grab my towel….in the other room.”

Source: Newsweek