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Watch: Dogs Love Greeting Good Neighbor Joe [Video]



  • Amanda Lin noticed just how much her dogs loved greeting their neighbor Joe.
  • She shared a compliation video of their interactions, and it’s so heartwarming!
  • The dogs are so excited every time they see Joe, who always makes sure to greet them back with pets, treats, or a warm smile.

Dogs are a ray of sunshine to everyone and not just their owners. Simply seeing a picture of one already brings good vibes, so meeting and greeting one is certainly a joy. One man, who has been lovingly referred to as good neighbor Joe, has developed such a joyful bond with his neighbor’s dogs that it has become a heartwarming routine.

The dogs have taken such a liking to him that their owner, Amanda Lin, shared a compilation video of their sweet interactions.

In the clip, we can see one brown dog and one black dog greeting neighbor Joe whenever he appears by the chain-link fence that separates their yards. They’re so happy to see him that they keep wagging their tails whenever he’s around!

Photo Credit: TikTok/Amanda Lin

The song “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” (as featured in Toy Story) was applied to the video, which adds to the overall warm feeling.

The compilation video shows neighbor Joe greeting the pups all throughout the year even as the seasons change from snowy winter to the warm summer.

Joe usually tosses the dogs treats, and they are happy to catch them and even play fetch.

Sometimes when Joe is busy, like pushing along a wheelbarrow in one scene, the dogs still follow him along the fence as if to give him strength.

Dogs Love Greeting Good Neighbor Joe
Photo Credit: TikTok/Amanda Lin

The video has been viewed over 2 million times, and we can see why. Their friendship is simply radiating good vibes!

Viewers can see how Joe is “one in a million” — everyone agreed that you can tell what kind of a person someone is based on their treatment of animals.

Dogs Love Greeting Good Neighbor Joe
Photo Credit: TikTok/Amanda Lin

Joe is certainly a good neighbor — and the dogs absolutely love him!

Source: Daily Paws