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Dreams in the Diamond: A Father, A Son, and A Major League Surprise



Quick Smiles:

  • Robert Anthony Cruz’s journey from backyard baseball with his dad to being picked for the Washington Nationals is a testament to perseverance and love.
  • While he missed out on the Major League Baseball draft, a “surprise free agent contract” soon followed.
  • A heartwarming video captures the moment Robert surprises his father with the news, leading to an emotional father-son reunion.

Isn’t it said that the smallest gestures of love often lead to the grandest memories?

For Robert Anthony Cruz of California, the cherished memories of playing catch with his dad, Ron, have culminated in a dream come true.

From those early days where Ron would tirelessly pitch balls to a young Robert in the backyard after a long day of work, to the exhilarating moments in college where Robert showcased his baseball prowess, their shared passion for the sport has been evident.

And while Robert’s name wasn’t announced during the Major League Baseball draft, destiny had its own curveball in store.

Shortly after, he was handed a “surprise free agent contract” with the Washington Nationals!

In a touching video Robert posted on TikTok, he decides to spring the big news on his father in the most heartwarming manner.

With a Washington Nationals cap in hand, Robert surprises Ron at his workplace.


The sight of the cap and the realization of his son’s achievement instantly transforms Ron’s face into “the world’s biggest grin,” as he exclaims, “Oh my God, congratulations, son.”

It’s moments like these, raw and filled with emotion, that remind us of the beautiful bond between parents and their children.

If you’re looking for a feel-good story that tugs at your heartstrings, don’t miss the video of their heartening reunion.


My Dad is a gem. Hardest worker I know. My name wasn’t called in the draft, but I got a surprise free agent contract. ♬ original sound – Coach RAC