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Dying Man’s Last Wish Was To Give His Painting Of Sting To The Musician Himself, Daughter Made That Wish Come True!



  • Domingo Santiago worked as a police officer but he had always been a lover of arts.
  • He had planned to retire and go back to arts but sadly that didn’t happen.
  • But he managed to do one painting—a portrait of Sting—and his dying wish was to have that painting delivered to the musician.

A dying police officer from New York city had one wish before passing—that one day, his painting of “Sting” would reach the former Policeman himself. 

Thankfully, both of the men’s daughters worked together to make that last wish come true!

On May 19, Elizabeth Santiago shared to the  Humans of New York Instagram account the touching story of how her stepfather raised her. This caught the attention of Sting’s daughter, actress Mickey Sumner.

Mickey contacted Elizabeth, and the Humans of New York shared the updates on their IG account on Thursday with a caption “THE EAGLE HAS LANDED” together with the photo of the painting.

Domingo Santiago raised his step daughter, Elizabeth, while he worked as a police officer for 20 years. In 1998, he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis—a disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. According to the information by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, about 1 million people in the U.S. live with MS. 

“During his final days, we were going through his possessions, one by one,” Elizabeth said. “He was telling me who to give them to. I pulled the Sting painting out of an old box, and asked: ‘What should I do with this?’ His response was immediate. ‘Give it to Sting,’ he said.

“All of us started laughing. But Dad grew very serious. His eyes narrowed. He looked right at me, and said: ‘Give it to Sting.’ So I guess that’s my final assignment.”

Domingo’s dream was to become an artist. He even built a studio at the back of their home and managed to finish only one painting—Sting’s portrait from an album cover. However, he became so busy at work he didn’t get the chance to paint more. 

But that one and only painting has reached the hands of its intended recipient which for many people, it’s absolutely amazing!


“This is incredible,” one Facebook user wrote in the comments. “What an amazing thing to have happened. Her father is so proud of her right, and his legacy will live on.”

Source: TODAY