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Eight-Year-Old Starts Own Business And Moves His Family From Shed To New Home



  • A young boy from California witnessed how his family struggled living in a shed. 
  • So he started a little venture on his own called Aaron’ Garden, as he sells plants to earn money. 
  • With the help of the donations from a GoFundMe page that supports him and the money he earned, the family now lives in a new home and owns a new car!

A family from California was struggling to make ends meet during the start of the pandemic. But now they are living in a new home and have bought their new car — thanks to their hardworking 8-year-old son. 

Aaron Moreno saw how difficult it was for his family surviving especially during one of the most challenging times when many businesses closed and many employees were laid off from their jobs. So in June, the courageous boy from East Los Angeles decided to venture into a little business which he called Aaron’s Garden. 

“He came [up] with the idea of selling plants and starting a business in his yard to be a provider, and [to] buy his own Hot Cheetos with cheese without having to ask his mom for money,” according to the description of a GoFundMe account that supports Aaron. 

It all began with only eight plants but soon enough, his little venture boomed and the money he earned plus the $31,000 donation through the GoFundMe page — has now provided his family a fresh start in life! 

“I feel happier because we don’t have to struggle as much as before,” he told KABC.

Aaron bought a new car in October for his mom, Berenice Pacheco, and in November, they were able to move from living in a shed to a new apartment. 

Photo Credit: @aaronsgarden (Instagram)

“I never thought we could accomplish and come this far… we couldn’t believe that we got a house,” says Berenice. “I admire him for everything he has been able to do that I haven’t as a mom.”

But that’s not all! With the money he’s raised, his sister was able to come home to them in California after she spent two years living in Mexico with her grandmother as their family struggled financially. 

“I’m just so proud of my brother because he was the one who got me back,” Ayleen said.

Photo Credit: @aaronsgarden (Instagram)

Moving forward, Aaron plans to convert the garage of their new home for his business as he continues to be the breadwinner of the family. 

“I think the best thing for me.. well, everything has been the best, but is that Aaron got to reunite us with his older sister with the money he received,”  Berenice told KABC. “And he’s just been doing everything for us. And he’s like the man of the house.”

Source: PEOPLE