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Energetic Cat Learns To Climb On The Ceiling Like A Spider



  • This cat holds enough energy that could probably last her for days.
  • Peewee, the cat, spends her day climbing onto every part of their house, now this includes the ceiling too.
  • She finds the best way to spend all of her energy for the day: pretending to be a spider and climbing on the ceiling.

Katie Shrume rescued Peewee when she was just 3 weeks old. She opened up her house to welcome the kitten, making way for her to grow into the most playful, energetic cat in the world. To play around the house means climbing on top of anything she could jump onto every chance she gets.

The Dodo | Katie Shrume

“Her personality is crazy,” Katie said. “She’s really active. She loves cuddles and loves to groom me.” 

The cat took on challenges, probably to test her skills. This time, she decided to make her way on top of the refrigerator…

The Dodo | Katie Shrume

… and from there, unto the ceiling.

The Dodo | Katie Shrume

Katie panicked the first time she saw her cat on the ceiling, making her way across the beam. The cat did it again a second time and a third time before she made her peace with Peewee’s new favorite pastime. 

“She’s only gotten halfway,” Katie said. “She can turn around up there too.”

The Dodo | Katie Shrume

She is aware that her cat climbs on anything she could get her claws on, but she did not think that this would include ceilings. The cat probably thinks that she has superpowers like Spiderman.

“She does it probably about once a week,” Katie said. “I call it the climbing zoomies.” 

The Dodo | Katie Shrume

Katie still tenses up every time she sees her cat climbing the ceiling, but to her relief, the cat had not fallen from the ceiling once. The position of their refrigerator helps the cat climb up too, plus whenever she would need an emergency landing pad, it is right there.

Peewee has always had too much energy to spend for the day and pretending to be a spider and climb on their ceiling is probably the best way for her to spend it all.

Source: The Dodo