English Hotel Decides To Stay Open To Accommodate Many Homeless People Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic

  • The luxurious Fownes Hotel in Worcester, England decided to keep their doors open amids pandemic.
  • Their hotel intended to house homeless people totally for free.
  • They have accommodated more than 45 rough sleepers and there were no COVID-19 cases reported thus far. 

Hotel management and staffers were hailed as heroes and received praise after they decided to stay open and house homeless people amidst the outbreaks of COVID-19 pandemic.

In a very touching display of gratitude, the guests who were allowed to stay for free, started to do odd-jobs in order to pay back to the hotel. They began doing the gardening, the cleaning of rooms, adding bricks to the walls and patios, and many others.

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Since the month of March when the lockdowns started, the Fownes Hotel, a luxurious hotel in Worcester, England, have opened its doors to over 45 rough sleepers. 

The hotel has 60 rooms and normally charges Β£155 per night, but had opted to provide accommodation for free while in the middle of the health crisis.

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Eddie Boult, one of the guests who was once a bricklayer, said he started doing the brick wall and the patio because he was bored and he also wanted to thank the hotel in his own way.

Peter Swinbourne, 48-year-old, has been without a home for 25 years now, and he said that the kindness of the hotel staff β€œsaved” him.

Photo Credit: SWNS

β€œI have never slept in a double bed before,” he said. β€œI’m happy hereβ€”this is a five-star hotel putting up homeless people.”

Another guest, Terence Marriott, 55-year-old said: β€œI have been well looked after. It has been excellent. The food is also excellent. β€œI feel a lot healthier than when I came in.”

The hotel partnered with a homeless charity organization that provides workshops for the rough sleepers about better self management, and how to secure their own homes in the future. 

β€œOur new guests have been lovely and grateful for the support they have been given and treat their rooms with respect,” the assistant manager Julie Merrick said. β€œWe stayed open simply because we wanted to help.”

β€œWe’re the only hotel in Worcester doing this. Everybody else closed their doors,” she said. β€œMy staff are very brave. They have gone above their job role, absolutely. It has brought us all closer together as a team.

So far there were no COVID-19 cases reported in the hotel and they always follow the safety protocols.

Source: Good News Network

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