Family Believes Owl That’s Been Visiting Their 98-Year-old Grandma Is Her Late Husband [Video]

  • Two years after the memorial ceremony for her husband Bob, widow Ranna has been receiving a visitor in her home in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • The visitor, an owl, has been perching on her balcony and would hoot back at her when she talks to him.
  • The two have been having daily “conversations” which prompted the family to think it is Bob watching over her lady love.

Nobody in the family knows where the owl came from but it has been visiting their 98-year-old widowed grandma weekly.  And the granddaughter thinks it is her grandpa keeping an eye on her grandma.

Shai Ward’s grandparents, Ranna and Bob, were together for more than 70 years. Shai said that the two shared a special kind of love. “My grandparents were best friends, who deeply respected one another. You felt the love around them and from them.”

Shai added, “Her sass and wit show that 98 is just a number… and her and my grandpa’s relationship was such a sight to see that our whole family just treasured them as one.”

Bob passed away in February 2020.

And two years after the memorial ceremony for Bob, the visits from the owl started.

Photo Credit: SWNS

Almost every day, the owl would sit on her balcony for hours.  Ranna would hoot to the owl and it would “talk” back at her.  The owl even tries to hop onto her lap.

Shai captured one such special encounter between her grandma and the owl and believes that her grandpa sent the owl from the afterlife.  But her grandma still has to believe that thought.

Shai said, “My grandmother is the sweetest soul. She is a devout Catholic and attributes all that her life has become to the higher power.”

But for the rest of the family, it is Bob reaching out to her lady love and making sure she is okay. 

Source: Good News Network

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