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Family dog saves puppy from being run over by car [Video]



  • A 2019 video shows a family playing with their dogs in the driveway. 
  • When the lady of the house climbed into her car and reversed, the youngest puppy was in her path. 
  • One of the older dogs ran to rescue the puppy. 

It’s easy to overlook family pets, yet their intuition and attentive nature might come in handy at times.

A family is seen playing with their dogs in a snowy driveway in a resurfaced viral video from 2019. When the lady of the house has to depart, she climbs into her small blue automobile and reverses. However, she is unaware that the pack’s youngest puppy has wandered into her path. The small puppy was about to be run over by his owner.

Fortunately, their older dog, who appears to be a border collie, arrives out of nowhere and grabs the puppy in his mouth. The dog is a whirlwind of fur as he comes and takes the smaller dog away from danger.

The woman then backed up and came out of her car to hug her two dogs.

“I saw something in my mirror,” the driver captioned. “First I thought I had crushed my dog. Talk about a close call!”

Source: Inspire More