Family Of Dogs Refused To Leave Dumpsters, The Only Link To Their Former Owners

  • Two German Shepherds were reported to have been abandoned at a public dump site in Mississippi.
  • Saving Grace Animal Rescue (SGAR) director came to rescue them and found out there were also 2 puppies. 
  • All four dogs were brought to a vet clinic for check-ups and have been cleared for foster and adoption.

A family of German Shepherds was abandoned in a dumpster.  And for a time, this served as their only link left to the life that they have known.  Perhaps they kept hoping that if they stayed there, their previous owners knew where to find them.  Dogs are like that, even if they were dumped.

Photo Credit: NYC Second Rescue

But Saving Grace Animal Rescue (SGAR) director Lisa Reams had other plans for them. When she heard that there were two German Shepherds at the public dump site in the Yazoo, Mississippi area, she wasted no time in going there.

To her surprise, aside from the two adult dogs, there were also two puppies.

It was easy to get the two adult dogs in her car with not much coaxing.  The puppies then followed.

Photo Credit: NYC Second Rescue

And off they were brought to the vet clinic. The adults— Luke and Jenny tested positive for heartworm while the puppies, Phoenix and Miles, had negative results.

Heartworm is treatable and so all four are eligible for foster care.  Unfortunately, foster homes in the area are full. And so, all four are scheduled to be transferred to NYC Second Chance Rescue, where there are more available fosters.

Having stayed together as a family worked to their advantage as they were rescued as one.  But it is time to leave the dumpster behind. They are now up for foster and adoption as a family or individually. But that would depend on the adopter’s decision. 

Jennifer Brooks, president of SGAR’s sister shelter in New York, NYC Second Rescue, says that for now what is important is they are safe together. “And they’ll never be put out like that again.”

We sure do hope they will find their forever home soon.

Source: The Dodo

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