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Family Of Fox Made Man’s Backyard Their Hangout Place, Both For Resting And Playing Around



  • Shawn Davis encountered two baby foxes out on his backyard, near the patio.
  • The visit was unexpected and uncommon in a neighborhood where he resides, but the one-time encounter with the wild animals turned into a regular occurrence.
  • The two baby foxes found entertainment and probably something more inside his backyard that the animals invited their entire household over.

Shawn Davis hosted unexpected visitors in his backyard a few months earlier: a family of local foxes. The unexpected visitors appeared comfortable in his property, right at home in no time at all.

The first encounter with these foxes — two baby foxes — was out near his patio, about two months back. He was surprised, these encounters with wild animals were not too common in their neighborhood.

“We had never actually seen a fox kit before and were really surprised they were in our yard, since we live in the middle of a residential neighborhood,” Shawn said.

During his second encounter, there were more than two animals in his backyard. The fox visitors that found out about his place seemed to found enough entertainment inside his property that these animals invited their entire family over.

The Dodo | Shawn Davis

“After that, we started seeing more and more foxes,” Shawn said.

These occasional visits turned into something more. From what he could see during the visits, there are seven members of the fox household: the mom, the dad, and five children. Before long, the fox family visited his house on a daily basis — just out there to rest, relax, and play around.

“Our yard is very private and I think they just felt safe there,” Shawn said. “They would curl up and sleep under the trees in the daytime and then play in the morning and at dusk.”

The Dodo | Shawn Davis

Shawn and his family found entertainment in the animals outside, enjoying themselves. He decided to document in video the visits just so other people could see them too.

“Since the pandemic has kept us inside, it really became the highlight of the day for me, my wife and our daughter,” Shawn said.

The animals were unaware of the on-going recording, but they sure put on a show.

The Dodo | Shawn Davis

“I didn’t realize they were so playful,” he said. “They were very cute little critters.”

Over time, the fox household changed back to their original routine and visited the house less frequently, probably because the baby foxes have become more independent and would eventually start new families. Perhaps these new families would remember Shawn’ property and bring their future kids over too.

The Dodo | Shawn Davis

“We miss seeing them as much and would definitely welcome them back next year!” Shawn said. “It was a great experience for sure!”

Source: The Dodo