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Family Planned to Adopt A Kitten but This Cat Adopted Them Instead [Video]



  • A family who visited a shelter to adopt a kitten ended up getting adopted by a cat instead.
  • When Stacey Arrieta was waiting in the meet and greet room for the kittens, Big the cat accidentally came upon her son Ari.
  • Ari soon fell in love with the cat, and they ended up adopting him!

Three years ago, Stacey Arrieta and her family visited the Lake County Animal Shelter in Tavares, Florida, to adopt a kitten. That visit ended unexpectedly — a cat adopted them instead!

Stacey’s son, Ari, found the cat hiding under one of the benches in the meet and greet room. They noticed that he looked very scared.

Stacey shared on Facebook, “He was covered in wounds and had a scowl that broke my heart. He looked sad and scared. After a few moments he laid down next to my son’s feet.”

It turns out that the cat, named Big, was only there by accident.

The initially scared cat seemed to grow fond of Ari and kept snuggling up to him. It wasn’t long before Ari grew fond of him, too.

By the time the shelter volunteers brought in the kittens they were supposed to see, Ari no longer had eyes for them. Big was the one for him.


Stacey shared, “He was now holding this scary-looking gray cat that crept out of the shadows and into his heart.”


“One of the volunteers came to return Big not knowing how he was even in this room to begin with,” she continued. “My son stopped her and insisted he was the cat he wanted.”

So they made Big’s adoption official and took him to his forever home.


Big was still scared — but Ari was there for him.


Stacey told The Dodo, “When we first brought Big home he slept. For days. I honestly questioned if he was OK. My gut told me he just needed rest.”


Slowly, but surely, Big warmed up to his new home and family. And his bond with Ari grew tighter than ever.

Stacey shared, “Right now we are doing the virtual school program and both Big and Ari love it. They get to spend all day together and I often find him taking naps on the table while Ari schools.” 


That’s so adorable!

Aside from being best friends with Ari, Big has also grown close to his rescue dog brother, Jaxson, who was also adopted from the same shelter.

The once scared cat now has a happy, comfortable life. We’re so happy that Big and Ari found each other!

“He wasn’t supposed to be in the room that day. We wanted a kitten. But Big chose us and we will always choose him,” Stacey shared.

Source: The Dodo