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Family Saves The Fox Cub That Followed Their Dog Home After A Walk [Video]



  • The Caballero family came across one 6-week-old fox cub while walking their dog.
  • The adorable cub looked hungry and thirsty so they decided to bring it back to their house.
  • The kids wanted to keep the fox cub but later agreed that it would be best to call the conservations center.

The Caballero family from Tempe, Arizona encounters foxes on occasion.

One day, Rosalyn Caballero was with Dylan, and Preston was on their routine walks with their dog when they chanced upon a 6-week-old gray fox cub trailing along behind them. For the people that encounter foxes on occasion, it is obvious that something was wrong.

They say that foxes are usually timid around humans, but this one came right up to them. This is the first indication that something is not right.

The second indication is that the cub appears to be alone. She decided to help the fox cub, thinking that it was probably hungry and thirsty. The family walked back to their house, the cub still following them.

“It was about 10 o’clock, and when we got to a home with sprinklers on, the fox stopped and drank and drank,” Rosalyn said.

Rosalyn and her grandchildren went back to the place where the cub was and brought a box.

“We got a container and went back to investigate the area. There was no mom, no other foxes around, so we captured it without touching it,” Rosalyn said.

Dylan and Preston wanted to keep the cub, but their grandmother remained unconvinced. She was careful not to let the kids touch the wild animal or get too attached.

The idea that it is a wild fox and not a dog did not seem to bother the children. They even named the cub, Foxy.

“It was funny because the fox thought our dog was the mom,” Dylan said.

Later on, Dylan and Preston had to say their goodbyes before the animal was sent off to the animal rehab center to be checked out. The family called it in, reporting the cub they found. The Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center (SWCC) sent someone to pick it up from their house right away

 “One thing Preston was upset about was he didn’t want the fox to go,” said Rosalyn. “He didn’t want them to put it down, but when the guy came he assured us they don’t do that.”

The rescuers at the conservation center fed the cub with a syringe for the first couple of days after it was rescued. This was until the cub learned how to eat from a dish. From then on, the cub was introduced to other fox cubs at the rescue center, in hopes that they will bond before their release into the wild together.


This was the right thing to do. They would probably miss the animal, but sending the rescued fox cub to the conservation center is for the best. Foxy is saved because of the family, and now, she has a second shot at life!

Source: Inspire More